In 2018 we are starting Body Life Groups, which bring people with common interests together for a time of activity and fellowship. Each group will also go through a Bible Study called "Faith Commander" in addition to their activity. There are many activity groups to choose from. See below for information on each one.

Groups begin on June 3 and meet throughout the summer.

  • OUTDOORS – Mike Sorrell and Matt Carroll will be teaching some basic outdoor skills.  If you’d like to know more about fishing, camping, skinning roadkill for the barbie, playing with fire and other outdoorsy type things this is the group for you.

    GUITAR – Our resident lead guitar player, Jerry Kaelin, is offering up his skills to instruct young and old alike in the basics of playing the guitar.  You do not need to be able to read music and we can probably find you a guitar to borrow if needed.

    SCRAPBOOKING – It’s a well-kept secret that some of our ladies are members of the SSS (Secret Society of Scrappers).  Well the secret is out and Denise Glenn and Karen Thompson are opening their garage door to invite others into their ranks.  You might even learn about their secret language and hand shake.

    CAKE DECORATING – Who doesn’t love cake?  And a well decorated one is even better.  Come learn or hone your skills in the fine art of butter cream painting on a Betty Crocker canvas with Denise McLeod.

    WOOD WORKING – Steve Earp and David Latta will be taking our Cornhole Tournaments to the next level as they teach you some basic wood working skills and make new boards for the church. 

    FLOWERS & BOWS – Few know that Kay Walker ties the best bows on the east coast.  She is bringing her bow and flower arranging prowess to this group while Janie Edgerton will be leading the study.

    MOMS GROUP – Get cozy with Kellie Camp as ladies experience and discuss the art of Hospitality. Ladies are welcome to bring their little ones to play while moms go through the book Just Open the Door.

    GOLF – Ronnie Oakley, Andy Goss, and David Hawkins will be teaching some basic golf instruction.  Surely there will be a trip or two to a local course.  So invite a friend who might be interested and join them on the links.  Who knows, the Masters may be in your future.

    AUTO MECHANICS – Everyone should know some basics on car repair and Rusty Phelps is ready to help you with that knowledge.  Whether it be checking your battery, changing your oil or replacing some brake pads you will learn something new and might even save yourself a few dollars in the future.

    VIDEOGRAPHY – Robbie Moles is an amateur videographer.  If you’d like to learn how to use a camera and turn the footage into an actual film using that latest computer technology then this is the group for you.  This group will actually produce a short film with sound and credits and everything.

    THE WONDERS OF WORKING WITH YARN – Yarn!  It’s not just for cats to play with anymore.  Shay Shay Tilley and Wanda Jones will be weaving yarn into gold or at least crocheting it into potholders and scarves.  You’ll have to join the group to find out which.