• Phelps' Family Rev. Craig Phelps   
    Lead Pastor

    I met my wife, Charity, over 20 years ago.  We knew very quickly that God had called us together in order to serve Him as a couple and married the following year.  We have 3 children: Joshua, Shannen, and Samuel.  For 10 years we were missionaries in Southeast Asia with the IMB.  To be honest, after years of preparation to go overseas, the great sacrifices we made in going and the years of language and cultural learning, we never imagined God would ask us to return to the U.S.  I have learned the hard way to “never say never” because that is exactly what God did.  In early 2015, the Lord slowly started working in our hearts and in the circumstances around us.  Finally in January of 2016, we heeded the call to return home having no idea what the Lord had in store for us.  Amazingly, returning home was a bigger step of faith than when we left to go overseas.  I realize that might be a hard thing to understand.  Through it all our hearts have never changed regarding our call.  When we served at Grove Park Chapel and New Light Baptist Church, we were on mission for God.  In Asia, we were also on mission for God and here at Gorman, we are on mission for God, to bring Him glory, to make disciples, and to reach the lost with the Gospel.  So the only thing different is our location (and the language).  The task is still the same no matter where we are.  This holds true for all of us.

    As we move forward together I pray that together we will develop a single-minded, unified front to advance the Gospel, make disciples and grow together as a body bonded together in Christ’s love.  I can imagine no better way to bring glory to our awesome God and find fulfillment in this life that He has blessed us with. 

     One With Him, One With You

     Pastor Craig