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An Important Church Message from Pastor Craig

Beloved Gorman,


Come, my people, enter your chambers, And shut your doors behind you; Hide yourself, as it were, for a little moment, Until the indignation is past.

Isaiah 26:20 


Beginning March 26 a stay at home order will be in place for Durham through the end of April.  Most of us have never experienced anything like this in our lifetimes.  While I am sure we have varying opinions about this order and the virus itself, we can all agree that the mayor is acting on the side of caution.  That being said, we are having to make some adjustments as a church, an academy and a childcare provider.  I would like to tell you what the current plans are for our church, staff and how it relates to you.


First of all, the offices will be officially closed.  This does not mean that we will not be here.  We will continue to get the mail and handle the finances of the church during the week.  Someone will always be answering the phones whether at the office or from home. If you need to meet with a pastor please call for an appointment.  If you have access to the church and need to get something we ask that you NOT adjust the thermostats.  They have all been adjusted to save money while the buildings are not occupied.  Our not meeting together is creating a large deficit financially and we are doing all we can to cut expenses.  Your faithfulness in continuing to support the church here is critical to us making it through all this.


Secondly, our staff has been assigned portions of the congregation so that we can best minister to your needs in a personal and meaningful way.  This is in addition to the deacons that are already assigned to everyone.   This is how we have been divided:


-Rachel will be calling on all the single ladies and the widows to provide them with encouragement and to be a lifeline when needed.


-Pastor Paul will be reaching out to the families with youth.  This will include personal calls and connecting with the youth via the latest tech to encourage them and have Bible Study.


-Pastor David will be reaching out to families with kids.  This will include personal calls and probably some crazy antics with Dee Jay or Theo that will be recorded for the kids to watch so they can continue to be connected with the church and learn more from the Bible.


-I (Pastor Craig) have all the rest of you.  I will be contacting each of you during the week. If you have a need I will do my best to help you.  Since I live in Creedmoor the Mayor’s rules don’t apply to me :)   I will also be dividing my sermon into two shorter parts.  One will be aired on Wednesday evening at 6:30 and the other at 11 AM Sunday.  One area of concern I have is for those of you who have no access to our weekly broadcasts.  I am doing my best to provide a way for you to at least listen to the sermon via a small music player or some other means.  We will do our best to make this happen but so much is in limited supply I cannot make promises.


SUNDAY SERVICES - All services will be available on Facebook, YouTube or at  If you miss the sermon or the broadcast is not clear you can always view the recording later.  This is the schedule:


10:30 - KIDS MOMENT - A short lesson for the kids 

10:45 - WORSHIP - David will be lighting the piano on fire with some of your favorite songs (send him requests at

11:00 - MESSAGE - Craig will give updates, pray and continue the Journey Through Ephesians.


WEDNESDAY - Prayer Time and Message @ 6:30 PM (Please send updates to Rachel who will send the list by email for us all to pray)